Matt and Suzie Kendziera fell crazy in love with each other back in the mid 90s and officially tied the knot in 1998!

Matt’s unhealthy obsession with Suzie bloomed into a relationship one day at the University of WI - Eau Claire music department’s listening lab when Suzie coyly told him he was hot.

Music brought them together and it’s been an unpredictable adventure ever since! They love being together as much as possible mainly because they’ve realized how much better life is together!! At least most of the time…

Throughout their relationship they’ve been involved in a variety of entertaining experiences! They've had incredible opportunities to work with people of many different backgrounds. Although their audience and purpose has changed through the years, their marital joy has remained constant.

Matt and Suzie desire to use their love for one another as well as their experiences (the good and the ugly) to inspire, entertain and encourage other couples to give their best to one another! They believe a relationship between two people should be fun and life giving! They’re determined to bring joy and laughter to their events where couples leave wanting better for their relationships!

While they’re not counselors, they are certified marriage coaches and feel extremely blessed for opportunities to advocate and encourage any willing couple! Although their faith is incredibly important and relevant to their relationship successes they never impose their beliefs on others, but will reference it when sharing their life experiences and stories. By helping couples become intentional about their connection and re-engaging them, they help break the epidemic of mundane, flat-line relationships which walk the path of boredom and disinterest. Their unique blend of talents in music, quick-witted humor, and story telling abilities definitely make for an entertaining adventure!

Matt and Suzie live in Eau Claire, WI with their two beautiful, yet spirited and whimsical girls - Macie and Georgia, a fuzzy dog - Dizzy, and a ridiculously fat cat - Banjoe. Home is the charming hobby farm built with their own hands... And building it was an incredible experience they never wanna have again!


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