Crazy Little thing called love!

In It Together’s Matt and Suzie Kendziera bring an incredible, hilarious, and inspiring evening of great love songs, outlandish “love” stories, and some good old fashioned crowd participation. It’s a modern variety show centered on “love” just in time for Valentines Day!


After years of producing variety shows including “The Wayside” and “Christmas is Making Me Crazy,” Matt and Suzie now turn their attention squarely on “This Crazy Little Thing Called Love.” Love is wonderful, but it is also strange and comical. Let’s spend an evening together exploring and coming to terms with love in all of it’s facits!


Matt Kendziera

In High School, Matt’s Public Speaking teacher encouraged him to go into a career in the field, to which he responded, “I’m planning to be a rock drummer.” Rock drumming has yet to pan out(there’s still time) so he has carved out a career speaking to audiences big and small using his story telling abilities and dry humor to engage audiences young and old!


Suzie kendziera

With one of the most beautiful and powerful voices around, Suzie has been singing, writing and performing for her entire life. Her career in music began in New York City, weaved it’s way through Nashville and now resides in the Midwest! Suzie’s voice will leave you speechless!